Our Islands Advantage

The three island councils are the smallest in Scotland, with a combined population of around 72,000 (1.3% of Scotland’s population) and their communities are some of the remotest from the main population centres of Scotland and the UK. Despite their size and remoteness, the islands’ profile is global, regularly topping international lists of the best places to visit. 

The islands make an outsized contribution to the economy, including 50% of Scotland’s aquaculture GVA, 30% of Scottish sea fish GVA, and they handle 13% of the oil and gas produced in UK waters. With 47% of Scotland’s marine estate and 40% of its coastline, the islands also have access to significant untapped blue economy opportunities in areas such as offshore renewable wind, wave and tidal energy, sustainable aquaculture and marine biotechnology. 

Our Islands are already delivering for the Scottish and UK economies, have huge economic potential, attract interest from around the world, have world-class natural and archaeological heritage, and offer a fantastic quality of life. Below are just a few facts about our islands. For more information, visit these websites:

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