Islands Centre For Net Zero


The Islands Centre for Net Zero (ICNZ) is a pan-island innovation project that will support Orkney, Shetland and the Outer Hebrides to become lighthouse communities in the energy transition.

By exploring and trialling solutions to decarbonisation that have replicability and application worldwide, the project will accelerate the islands’ journey towards decarbonisation, while generating additional GVA and green jobs for the islands.

ICNZ will work with local communities and businesses from the ground up, empowering the islands to navigate pathways to decarbonisation to deliver:

  • Ten percent average reduction per year in carbon emissions for all three island groups over the next ten years
  • Sustainable “green” jobs within the islands for 300 people
  • Eight times the impact from the Islands Growth Deal investment over the longer term through match funding and generation of new revenue streams
  • Significant added value to other low carbon future projects and other Deal strands, ensuring decarbonisation impact across the whole programme

Islands Deal funding will support the establishment of the core centre facility at the Orkney Research and Innovation Campus, the creation of a decarbonisation toolbox, and investment in energy transition capital projects across Orkney, Shetland and the Outer Hebrides.

The Islands Centre for Net Zero will be supported with joint investment of up to £16.5 million from the UK Government and Scottish Government (UKG £16 million/SG £0.5 million). 

Contact Laura Hutton for more information on the Islands Centre for Net Zero.