Shetland Clean Energy Project

Shetland Clean Energy Diagram

The Shetland Clean Energy Project sets out Shetland’s particular ambitions for transforming energy use and anticipates the production of green hydrogen to be the preferred way forward to achieve net zero targets.  This project will support the islands’ necessary transition away from hydrocarbons towards affordable clean energy.  Options are being explored for smart use of electricity and the production, storage, distribution and use of green hydrogen, along with the use of bi-products of heat and oxygen.

Shetland lies in the windiest marine region in the UK and using its wind resource for green hydrogen production will provide the clean fuel needed, reduce carbon significantly and provide opportunities for business development and skilled islands-based employment.

The Shetland Clean Energy project will be supported with investment of up to £5 million as part of the £16.5m funding for the Islands Centre for Net Zero project.