Orkney Community Vertical Farm

Showing vertical farm

The Orkney Community Vertical Farm project is focused on agricultural innovation, creating an islands’ vertical farm with associated research and development laboratories and business incubation facilities based at the Orkney College UHI Agronomy Institute in Orkney.  The project draws on the world-leading technological expertise from Intelligent Growth Solutions and world-class research from the James Hutton Institute, leveraging the funding they have achieved from the Tay Cities Deal and, in so doing, seeking to ensure a multiplier effect for the investment in both deals.

The Orkney Community Vertical Farm project will be supported with joint investment of up to £2 million from the Scottish Government and UK Government (UKG £1.5 million/SG £0.5 million).

For more information, contact Inga Burton, Service Manager Sustainable Regeneration and Arctic, Orkney Islands Council