Shell-volution project

The Shell-volution project has been designed as a new and innovative technical programme enabling future growth in the low-carbon and sustainable mussel farming sector in Shetland, and more widely in Scotland.  Through a phased programme of research and development, focusing on better ways to farm within the marine environment, small businesses in the sector will be able to share in an anticipated growth in output to 18,000 tonnes by 2037.
Productivity, efficiency and resilience of existing farm sites will increase, while some new locations will be developed.  Employment that is supported by the sector is anticipated to broadly double to support this.  Consumer markets are considered to have capacity to absorb this gradual increase in production; and mussel processors in Scotland will also benefit from the sustainable growth in farmed production.
The Shell-volution project will be supported with investment of up to £4.4 million from the UK Government.

For more information, contact Gregg Arthur or Michael Tait