Knab Redevelopment

Knab redevelopment

The Shetland Knab Redevelopment project aims to go beyond creating a simple housing project with ancillary services, by delivering a mixed-use site that embeds living and ageing well, creative innovation, wellbeing and a dynamic use of public space alongside future fit housing that enables a flexible approach to work and life.  The development will enhance the existing offer of Lerwick and will provide additional facilities that will support the ambition of Shetland into the future.

The development will not only enhance the life of the future residents of the site, but also those who interact with the space both as residents and visitors.  It will set an ambitious standard for how Shetland and its communities will develop over the coming decades; ensuring ‘People’ and ‘Place’ are at the forefront of all that Shetland builds for its future.

The Knab Redevelopment project will be supported with investment of up to £9.1 million from the Scottish Government.

For more information, contact Robert Sinclair