TalEntEd Islands Programme

Talented Islands programme

TalEntEd Islands

The TalEntEd Islands Programme will focus on fast-tracking the decarbonisation of the islands by creating opportunities for education, skills, entre and intrapreneurship and commercialisation supporting the increase in sustainable ‘green’ jobs across all three island groups.  The financial investment through the Islands Growth Deal will stimulate activity that will enable further investment and alignment of future resources.  Most importantly, it will cement a partnership to better serve the islands.

The TalEntEd Islands Programme will help the universities and academic partners on the islands develop new approaches that will be built into long-term provision and aligned to need, while attracting people to stay and come to the islands, responding to the demographic challenges and outmigration of young people, and therefore contributing to their longer term sustainability.

Led by UHI through its island campuses, and working with its academic partners and other universities (namely Robert Gordon University and Heriot-Watt University), the TalEntEd Islands Programme will be aligned to the UHI Islands’ Strategy and Islands’ Forum.  Working closely with the Islands’ Centre for Net Zero, and other joint and specific Islands Growth Deal projects, it will build the skills and talent pipeline needed, working with national and regional organisations, and paying specific attention to the inequalities arising as a result of COVID-19.

The TalEntEd Programme will be supported with joint investment of up to £5.9 million from the Scottish Government and UK Government (SG £4.4 million/UKG £1.5 million).

Contact Gary Campbell for more information about the TalEntEd project.