Outer Hebrides Food and Drink Programme

Fishing Boat
Seas the Catch, Image Courtesy of Outer Hebrides Business Gateway

The Outer Hebrides has a reputation for providing high quality produce from the primary industries sectors but output and employment from the traditional fishing and farming activities has decreased markedly over time.  Recognising the challenges industry, community and public sector partners have collaborated to identify priorities for the sector linked to product diversification, value added and an increased focus on local growing and local markets, supporting these industries adapt to the post-Brexit/ COVID-19 world, and to respond to the longer-term impact of climate change.

The Outer Hebrides Food and Drink Programme will support specific capital investments agreed as priorities with community landowners, aquaculture and fishing industry representatives:

  • Local food hub at Grogarry
  • Ice plant, chill facilities and other improvements at pier head to facilitate local supply.
  • Community food hub / food growing projects

The Outer Hebrides Food and Drink Programme will be supported with investment of up to £1.5 million from the Scottish Government.

Contact Domhall Macdonald for more information on the Outer Hebrides Food and Drink Programme.