Spaceport 1

Spaceport Visual

The Outer Hebrides Spaceport 1 project is led by a public/private sector consortium which seeks to provide affordable, reliable and safe access to polar and sun-synchronous orbits through commercial vertical launch services situated at Scolpaig, North Uist.  Capitalising on the site’s prime geographical positioning and the experience, capabilities and infrastructure of the nearby Hebrides Range, Spaceport 1’s launch offering will complement the existing launch ecosystem and support the shared ambitions of both the Scottish and UK Governments to be at the forefront of the emerging global commercial space market.  Islands Growth Deal investment is expected to support the delivery of sub-orbital activity. 

This project alongside the Shetland Space Innovation Campus project within the Growth Deal will support the shared ambition to become a leading space nation through the provision of a complementary offering across Scotland’s aspiring launch projects as well as supporting the creation of flourishing space ecosystems in and around launch sites that will benefit local communities and the islands region through high skilled jobs and associated economic and societal opportunities.

Spaceport 1 project will be supported with investment of up to £1 million from the Scottish Government.

Contact Alison MacCorquodale for more information on Spaceport 1.