Outer Hebrides Campus Redevelopment

Lews Castle College and Students
Lews Castle College UHI

The Outer Hebrides Campus Redevelopment project will offer more flexible and supported tertiary learning and training to suit more people across the Outer Hebrides at more levels for more reasons.This investment will enhance and expand the existing facilities and learning technologies at UHI Outer Hebrides campuses, to create a dynamic learning offer and environment focussed on attracting and retaining a young population to/on the islands, attracting learners into the islands, widening access to its provision, and providing a much-needed skilled workforce for existing and expanding businesses, innovation and research centres.

The Outer Hebrides Campus Redevelopment project will be supported with investment of up to £1.5 million from the Scottish Government.

For more information, contact Hannah Ritchie-Muir